DMV Certificate

Q: How long is a DMV Certificate valid?
A: The DMV Smog Check Certificate is good for only 90 days. All Smog Check Stations in California use the same program through a third party, to electronically transmit the smog check certificate to the CA State Database. The Smog Technician or Smog Check Station can not control the DMV certificate transmission, it is beyond their ability. DMV Smog Certificate is valid  for 90 days. Therefore, it is very important to keep the Smog Check Computer Printout (VIR-Vehicle Inspection Report) for your record and use the DMV Certificate before 90 days.

Q: What is a VIR?
A: Smog Check Computer printout - VIR (Vehicle Inspection Report) is provided by Smog Check Stations upon completion of a Smog Check Inspection. It is not necessary to provide this VIR to DMV. But it should be kept as record of a passing Smog Check.