Smog Check :

Q: Who is responsible for Smog Check Inspection when selling a vehicle?
A: It is the Seller's reponsibility to provide a valid DMV Certificate to Buyer.

Q: Do I need a Smog Check again if I am selling vehicle and recently had it Smog tested to renew?
A: If your vehicle passed Smog Check and received DMV Certificate within 90 days, another DMV Certificate is not required to change ownership. The DMV Smog Certificate is good for 90 days.

Q: Do I need a Smog Check Inspection when changing vehicle ownership between families (incluing Step, Half, and Adopted family membership)?
A: No, You can changing vehicle ownership between a Spouse, Domestic Partner, Sibling, Child, Parent, Grand Parent, or Grandchild without Smog Check Inspection. 

Q: When do I need a Smog Check?
A: 1. DMV ask biennially on vehicles more than eight(8) years 
     2. When you sell a vehicle more than 4 years old.
     3. When registering an out-of-state vehicle for first time in CA.

Q: What vehicle need a Smog Check Inspection?
A: 1. Gasoline powered 1976 year model and newer.
     2. Diesel powered 1998 year model and newer
        with GVWRs 14,000 lbs and less.
     3. Hybrid.
     4. CNG, LNG, or LPG powered with 14,000 lbs and less.

Q: I received registraion renewal notice from DMV, but I can not get the Smog Check because my vehicle is located out of state. What Can I do?
A: Another State Smog Check Inspection will not valid in California state. Just fill out DMV's Statement of Facts form stating the reason why your vehicle cannot be Smog tested. California DMV will send the DMV Registration and License Tag by mail wherever your vehicle is currently located.