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Abbreviations List


Abbreviations List
ABS: Anti-Lock Brake System
A/C: Air Conditioning
ACL: Air Cleaner(Thermostatic Type)
A/F: Air/Fuel Ratio
AFS: Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor
AIR: Secondary Air Injection
AIS: Secondary Air Injection
ALDL: Assembly Line Diagnostic Link
ARD: Automotive Repair Dealer
ASM: Acceleration Simulation Mode
A/T: Automatic Transaxle or Transmission
ATDC: After Top Dead Center
BAR: Bureau of Auto Repair
BTDC: Before Top Dead Center
CAP: Consumer Assistance Program
CARB: California Air Resources Board
CARB: Carbretor
CCR: California Code of Regulation
CID: Cubic Inch Displacement
CKP: CrankShaft Position Sensor
CMP: CAMSHAFT Position Sensor
CNG: Compressed Natural Gas
CO: Carbon Monoxide.
CO2: Carbon Dioxide
DIS: Direct Ignition System
Distributor-less Ignition System
DLC: Data Link Connector
DOHC: Double Overhead Camshaft
DTC: Diagnostic Trouble Code
DVOM: Digital Volt Ohm Mutimeter
ECM: Engine Control Module
ECT: Engine Coolant Temperature
ECU: Engine Control Unit
EFE: Early Fuel Evaporation
EFI: Electronic Fuel Injection
EGO: Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor
EGR: Exhaust Gas Recirculation
EIS: Emission Inspection System
EPA: Environmental Protection Agency
ESC: Electric Spark Control
EVAP: Evaporative Emission Control System
FF: Flexible Fuel
FI: Fuel Injection
FR: Fuel Restrictor
GPM: Gallon Per Minute
GVW: Gross Vehicle Weight
GVWR: Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
HC: Hydrocarbons
HD: Heavy Duty
HEGO: Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor
HEI: High Energy Ignition System
HO2S: Heated Oxygen Sensor
IAC: Idle Air Control
IAT: Intake Ait Temperature
ICM: Ignition Control Module
ISC: Idle Speed Control
KOEO: Key On Engine On
KOER: Key On Engine Running
KS: Knock Sensor
LCD: Liquid Crystal Display
LED: Light Emitting Diode
LEV: Low Emission Vehicle
LPG: Liquid Propane Gas
LPFET: Low Pressure Fuel Evaporative Test

MAF: Mass Air Flow
MAP: Manifold Absolute Pressure
MAT: Manifold Air Tenperature
MCU: Microprocessor Control Unit
MFI: Muti Fuel Injection
MIL: Malfuntion Indicator Light
M/T: Manual Transaxle or Transmission
NOX: Oxides Of Nitrogen
OBD: On-Board Diagnosis
OBD II : On-Board Diagnosis II
OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer
OIS: OBD Inspection System
OC: Oxidation Catalytic Converter
ODO: Odometer
OHC: Over Head Cam
O2S: Oxygen Sensor
PAIR: Pulsed Secondary Air Injection
PCM: Power Control Module
PCV: Positive Crankcase Ventilation
PPM: Parts Per Million
PROM: Programmable Read Only Memory
PSI: Pounds Per Square Inch
RAM: Random Access Memory
ROM: Read Only Memory
RPM: Revolution Per Minute
SC: Supercharger
SFI: Sequential Muti-Port Fuel Injection
SHO: Super High Output
SOHC: Single Overhead Camshaft
SPK: Spark Control
SPOUT: Spark Output
SRI: Service Reminder Indicator
SRS: Supplemental Restraint System
STC: Spark Control Timing
TBI: Throttle Body Fuel Injection
TC: Turbocharger
TCC: Torque Converter Clutch
TDC: Top Dead Center
TLEV: Transitional Low Emission Vehicle
TP: Throttle Position, Throttle Positioner
TPOUT: Throttle Position Output
TPS: Throttle Position Sensor
TSS: Transmission Speed Sensor
TV:Throttle Valve
TVV: Thermal Vacuum Valve
TWC: Three-way Catalytic Converter
TWC+OC: Three-Way + Oxidation Catalytic Converter
ULEV: Ultra Low Emssions Vehicle
VCM: Vehicle Control Module
VDV: Vehicle Delay Valve
VID: Vehicle Inspection Database
VIN: Vehicle Identification Number
VSS: Vehicle Speed Sensor
VVT: Variable Valve Timing
WOT: Wide Open Throttle
WU-TWC: Warm-UP Three-Way Catalytic Converter